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Since 1990 Fabio Bardini has been offering Consulting, Design and Masonry Contractor services for clients in the Boston area, Massachusetts and New England. 

An in depth knowledge and meticulous selection of material, paired with sound, time proven old world construction methods, results in masonry work built for quality and durability far outperforming current industry standards. 

    We guarantee all our stone masonry work for a minmum of 10 years!

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                                            VALUE vs. PRICE  

We all want to make wise choices and nobody wants to overpay. That said, value and price are two very different things. That is the reality of economics. 

"Price" may be what your selected number of masonry contractors submit to you in order to complete, in one way or another, your specific project.

"Value" is what you will receive in the end, from the masonry contractor you choose to hire for that project. 

We strive to deliver above standard value to our clients. The longevity and resiliance of our Stonework by far outlasts that of our counterparts. Our aim is to deliver a long lasting investment and an improved appeal for your Home

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                        Fabio Bardini - Principal - Designer - Stone Mason 

We are Thankful to our loyal clients who time and again, through the decades, continue to rely on our knowledge and sevices for their subsequent projects, and enables us to maintain and proudly deliver a superior level of service based upon high quality and atistic value.

If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher's stone."             Benjamin Franklin               

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